Cluster Images

The Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. is running the centre for artistic visual media Saxony-Anhalt (ZkB), coordinating the media initiative Saxony-Anhalt and serving the state of Saxony-Anhalt`s film promotion in the field of production related questions.

In 1993 more than 40 artists and filmmakers from all over Germany were participating in the first presentation titled "Tapetenwechsel", from 1996 on the Werkleitz Biennial is taking turns with the international video forum Ostranenie at the Bauhaus Dessau foundation. The Werkleitz Biennial is an international forum for media and art emphasizing new artistic ways of expression and techniques as well as research projects.

The subject of the 1996 Biennial is "Cluster Images", dealing with the representation and connection of medially generated images and their further processing in other media. "Cluster Images" presents artistic work in the fields of film/video, fine arts, performance and new media/digital images to contribute to the current discussion of possibilities and assignments of functions of art and media. The jury, consisting of members of the advisory art board of the Werkleitz Gesellschaft and invited experts, decided on the turned in projects and curated the further participants of "Cluster Images": 70 artists from 15 countries were selected in the fields of film/video, fine arts, performance and new media.

Selection programmes and parts of the exhibition will be presented in Magdeburg, Dessau and Halle following the event:

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