FilmPier Paolo Pasolini, I
1922 geboren in Bologna, ermordet 1975 in Ostia arbeitete als Schriftsteller und Regisseur
1961 "Accattone", Wer nie sein Brot mit Traenen ass 1962 "Mamma Roma", Mamma Roma 1966 "La Ricotta", Der Weichkaese 1963 "La Rabbia", Der Zorn 1963 "Comizi d'Amore" 1963/64 "Sopralluoghi in Palestina" 1964 "Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo", Das Erste Evangelium - Matthaeus 1965 "Uccellacci e Uccellini", Grosse Voegel - kleine Voegel 1966 "La Terra Vista Dalla Luna", Die Erde, gesehen vom Mond 1967 "Che Cosa Sono Le Nuvole" 1967 "Edipo Re", Bett der Gewalt 1968 "Teorema", Teorema - Geometrie der Liebe 1968 "La Sequenza Del Fiore Di Carta", Die Geschichte einer Papierblume 1968 "Appunti Di Viaggio Per Un Film In India", Kurzer Dokumentarfilm fuer TV 7 (Sendereihe des italienischen Fernsehens) 1969 "Porcile", Der Schweinestall 1969 "Appunti Per Un'Orestiade Africana" 1969 "Medea" (nach einer Tragoedie von Euripides) 1970 "Il Decameron", Das Dekameron 1970 "Appunti Per Un Romanzo Nell 'Imondisnl", Kurzer Dokumentarfilm ueber einen Strassenarbeiterstreik 1971 "I Racconti Di Canterbury/ Canterbury Tales" Pasolinis tolldreiste Geschichten 1973 "Il Fiore Delle Mille E Una Notte", Erotische Geschichte aus 1001 Nacht 1973 "Le Mura Di Sana", Die Mauern von Sana 1975 "Salo O Le 120 Giornate di Sodoma", Die 120 Tage von Sodom

"My ambition was the invention of a new genre: a film as an ideological-poetical essay..." (Pasolini)
Not only because of the political scandal of Pasolinis "naivity", which has upset the entire left wing, La Rabbia takes up a particular position in his work. Out of 90.000 meters of newsreel material ("incredibly banal and completely reactionary") he selected the images for his fifty minute film. The newsreel sequences that leave the strongest impact of his montage in the sequence and which is dedicated to the death of Marylin Monroe ("the only thing, which would be of worth, to be preserved"), is a partly pathetic, partly elegic ascribed text of the lyric Pasolini spoken by Giorgio Bassani (The gardens of the Finzi-Contini) and the painter Renato Guttuso. "The world as a pile of shards" (H. M. Enzensberger on aesthetics and politics of the newsreel), which is stratified mosaic-like by Pasolini in La Rabbia, gives the appearance of a fermenting stream of images of flight, misery, torture, murder and dance on a volcano. Eruptive protuberances of a complex process: the starvation of the third world, their struggl